Great Cross County Skiing, Great Views!

The Mile High Nordic Ski Education Foundation maintains trails at two areas:

Mount Haggin trails

The Mount Haggin trails are located on Mill Creek Highway (MT 569) 11 miles south of Highway 1, near Anaconda. At Mount Haggin we maintain nearly 28 km of groomed cross-country ski trails in cooperation with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Approx. 10 km are groomed for skate skiing, and all of the trails with the exception of the Spire Loop are groomed for classic skiing. Ski trails can also be used as access to backcountry skiing along the Continental Divide.

The trail system is groomed once or twice per week by volunteers using snowmobiles and Yellowstone Track Systems, Tidd Tech (and home made) grooming equipment.

Please no pets on the trails here, visit the dog friendly trails at Homestake Lodge and Moulton!


Trails are also groomed at Moulton reservoir above Butte in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service. The trails here are generally not groomed to the same standards as at Mt. Haggin but there is excellent skiing and the trails are dog friendly.

Ski Safety

  • Ski trails are NOT patrolled - Ski at your own risk.
  • Please yield trail to the faster or downhill skier and trail groomers.
  • Ski in control.
  • More Difficult and Most Difficult trails have steep downhill sections — you should be able to snowplow. Don’t hesitate to take off your skis and walk down intimidating hills.

Please consider joining the foundation to help fund the trail grooming. Download a membership form.

Contributions are always welcome at Mile High Nordic Ski Education Foundation, Box 3332, Butte, MT 59702