Mount Haggin



Loop distances are in kilometers, measured round-trip from the warming hut. The measured loops follow the perimeter of the ski track without cutoff trails.

Sugarloaf Loop

4.6 km: groomed for both classic and skate skiing. This is great technical skate skiing terrain because of the rapidly changing terrain of short hills and corners. By taking the Sugarloaf cutoff, this trail becomes a 2 km loop for beginners. For a thrilling downhill ride try Gus’s Gas.

Crooked John Loop

4.8 km: groomed for both classic and skate skiing; generally moderate hills. The steep downhill section can be avoided by taking Wulf’s or Cheff’s Cutoff.

Little California Loop

10.8 km: groomed for classic skiing, the loop is strenuous, with several long climbs and fast difficult downhills which require good snowplow technique. This loop has several variations including Vanna’s Way, Sapsucker and Sleepy Hollow. For a real thrill try Sleepy Hollow – sleepy it is not and is usually more of a white-knuckle ride.

Spire Loop

12.6 km: ungroomed, good access to telemark terrain on the Continental Divide, This loop departs from the upper part of the Little California Loop.

Need a Place to Stay?

Pintler's Portal

Pintler’s Portal Hostel (PPH) in Anaconda is participating in the 2022-2023 Non-Profit Appreciation Program. When Hostel guests make their reservation on PPH’s website and identify the Mile High Nordic Ski Education Foundation or Mount Haggin Ski Trails as their referring entity, PPH will donate 10% of that fee back to the foundation. This program is effective November 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023.

Trail History

The trails wind through historic logging camps that once supplied timber to the Anaconda Smelter. For history buffs, here is a link to photos and an excerpt of the history of the Mount Haggin area from the December 1991 issue of Montana Magazine written by Jack Gilluly of Anaconda. Watch the video of constructing the warming hut!

Please Ski Safely

Ski trails are NOT patrolled – Ski at your own risk.

Yield trail to downhill skiers.

Intermediate and advanced trails have steep downhill sections.